A new adventure, welcome :)

Beginning with the second half of March, this year, 2016, I started this new adventure in London, working as an EVS volunteer (Erasmus Voluntary Service) in an NGO (Equi-Vision Services Ltd.) that offers job trainings/placements for immigrants coming from all over the world, trying to build a new life here, in London. Besides the administrative work I do in the NGO, I started this blog, equivisionblog.wordpress.com, where I’m writing about the experiences me and my EVS colegues and friends are going through for the next year. I am trying to share some tips and tricks about new places to discover in London, as well as feelings and observations about the people, customs, lifestyle, this neverending melting pot which is London. Each day is a new challenge and each day I learn more about the differences between the nations and cultures living here, but most importantly, about how similar we are beyond race, cultural aspects and education.

You are invited to visit and explore it, and if you want to share some of your own experiences here in London, you are welcome to join this adventure :). You can either make a comment, or just leave a message on my Facebook (my address is https://www.facebook.com/Fotografii-din-cuvinte-185317988341037/). Thank you!